Wood Care 

All of our wooden items are finished with environmentally friendly wax which is water resistant and can be cleaned using a damp cloth. We do not recommend using furniture polish as this may alter the look of the product.  

Our metal coat hooks, table legs and brackets can be cleaned with a dry lint free cloth.  

Where possible we advise you to keep your items away from heat or water sources to ensure the longevity of the product. 



You will need: 
Philips Screwdriver 

  1. Look on the underside of the table, in our workshop we will have pre-drilled all of the holes you will need. 
  2. Line up the legs with the pre-dilled holes. 
  3. Using a phillips screwdriver, gently screw the legs to the table. 
  4. Add the supplied furniture feet for added protection. 
  5. Style and enjoy! 


You will need: 
Tape Measure
Spirit Level
8mm Drill bit
Philips Screwdriver 
Plasterboard wall plugs (if using on a plasterboard) 

  1. Check that the area behind the wall is free from any hidden pipes or cables before  you fix your brackets.  
  2. Hold the shelf and brackets against the wall and using a pencil, mark where the first bracket should be (draw a small circle in the bracket holes). 
  3. Take the shelf down and measure the distance you would like your second bracket. As well as the distance to the next bracket. We recommend 5cm in from the side of each shelf for a lovely aesthetic, but anywhere that works for you is great! (Use a spirit level to check these are level. If there are more than two brackets, fit any additional brackets between the outer brackets, equal distances apart). 
  4. Using your drill and the 8mm drill bit, drill the holes you have marked. 
  5. Place the supplied masonry wall plugs into the hole. If you are putting up on a plasterboard wall, you will need to use your own fixings for this.
  6. Screw the brackets into the wall plugs using the large screws provided. 
  7. Check that your brackets are level using a spirit level. 
  8. Place the shelf gently on top of the brackets. 
  9. Screw the smaller screws into the underside of the shelf. 
  10. Style and send us a shelfie!