A strong and solid rustic shelf made using reclaimed and recycled scaffolding boards. Each board is cut to size, then carefully hand sanded several times before being coated in Osmo Polyx oil and a natural organic beeswax. This oil is safe for use with both children and animals and protects the wood from water and dirt, while retaining a natural look. 


We offer two options, selling either with brackets or without. Please select from the options listed. 


These shelves look fantastic in any room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room. They bring character and a rustic natural look and all have complete individuality and a uniqueness due to the nature of the wood. If the length of shelf you require is not listed, please do message us as we can cut to any requirement to ensure your shelf is exactly right for your purpose. The depth of the shelves is 22cm.


The shelves have a rustic finish and may have surface cracks and unique markings on them.  As these are reclaimed or recycled scaffolding boards, we often source wood that have the original letters or numbers on the sides of the shelves, which give a fantastic industrial look. We are often asked for these as they are very popular, but if you would prefer these definitely without then please do write a note to seller at the checkout so we can handpick the right wood for you. 


The wood differs in colour depending on what we can source at the time, it varies from a lighter colour to a medium brown colour. If shade is important to you, please mention this at the checkout and and we will do our best to accommodate if we can! 


The price shown is for one shelf with or without brackets. 


We are a small family business and our aim with everything we make, is to take something unloved and unused and make it into something useful, unique and beautiful. We take great care with everything we make to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase. 


Thank you so much for your interest in Plane & Sanded!

Scaffold Board Shelf